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Oculoplastic Surgery in San Antonio

Posted by debackercosmeticsurgery December - 16 - 2013

Dr. DeBacker is an expert in the field of oculoplastic surgery and oculo-facial plastic surgery, and has a special interest in cosmetic (aesthetic) eyelid surgery. He has performed thousands of rejuvenation surgeries (“blepharoplasty”) over his 15 years in practice, and has strived to create a natural, refreshed look that avoids the “over-operated” appearance that often appears in the popular media and tabloids, and which can often dissuade patients from pursuing eyelid surgery. With a crucial background in ophthalmology Dr. DeBacker is well aware of the need to preserve eyelid function and ocular health during his oculoplastic surgeries, and always takes the patient’s ocular history into account when devising a surgical plan. Medical professionals, including nurses, doctors and hospital/ health care administrators come to Dr. DeBacker based on his expertise and commitment to his sub-speciality.